Pepper jack-pepperoni-parmesan grilled cheese

After my last post, April: National Grilled Cheese Month, I had to make a grilled cheese tonight.  I took stock of what I had and decided to go with pepper jack cheese.  That reminded me of the best pizza place in the Quad Cities, Harris Pizza, where my favorite pizza is pepper jack with either sausage or pepperoni.  To top it all off, I grabbed the parmesan to round out the pizza theme.

I grabbed some high fiber 12 grain bread, laid down a layer of cheese, applied a few pepperonis and then shook on some parmesan.  I also decided to put a nice parm-crust on top and bottom, and it turned out pretty well.

The best way to convey the taste of this sandwich would be through Iron Chef style scoring.  Ten points for flavor, five points for originality, and another five points for plating and presentation.  Here is my scorecard:

Taste:  8
Originality:  3
Plating:  1

The taste was pretty darn good.  And while some people may have never thought to put pepperoni on a grilled cheese sandwich, it’s not that crazy.  I also gave myself one point for plating due to that lovely “GC” in ketchup for Grilled Cheese Month.  Was I fair in my scoring?  Anyone have something to best me?  I’d totally be up for an Iron Chef showdown.