My daughter gave me a Netflix recommendation

I’m one of those guys who watches a LOT of movies and TV shows.  Often times friends will tell me they don’t know what to watch and after twenty questions to find out what kind of movie/show they’re looking for, I’ll have some recommendations for them.  I never thought my three year old kid would be doing that for me.

Last November we were traveling in New England for a wedding and while hanging out in a hotel room we turned on the TV.  Chuck wanted “a show” and the first thing I tried was Cartoon Network.  There was a weird, animated show about a kid and a dog/animal thing that was funny/snarky and remotely reminded me of Dungeons and Dragons.  At the time I thought the content was probably too advanced for her both from an intellectual and maturity standpoint, but she loved it and we let her watch anyway.  I didn’t really think much about it until Chuck recognized the characters, a few weeks ago, on a Netflix recommendation screen and begged to watch it.  We turned it on and it wasn’t too bad.  I barely paid attention while reading email or Facebook on the couch.  At some point over the next week I actually paid attention to an episode and realized how good it was.  And then it happened…

The Funniest Moments of Adventure Time

My wife caught me watching Adventure Time by myself one night after Chuck had gone to bed.  I did find one video on YouTube explaining the show is popular with adults due to nostalgia…and that makes sense.  Eventually I mentioned it to a friend at work who would be aware of this kind of stuff and discovered I’m not the only father who loves the show.  With the amount of pop culture we’re exposing our child to, I can’t imagine what sort of recommendations she’ll be able to give in ten years.  I’m gonna have to call this a proud parent moment.