Senator follow-up

Last week I wrote both of my US Senators, urging them to vote no on CISPA should a vote come about, after CISPA passed in the House of Representatives.  I truly see this bill as a bad thing in the same way I disliked SOPA and PIPA.  At the beginning this bill was supported by some big technology hitters, but at the moment Google seems to be the only one sort of in their corner.  Google likes the idea of a bill like CISPA, but is not behind the contents of CISPA.  Also, unshockingly, Verizon, AT&T and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association are supporting the bill.  If there’s anything I can easily complain about, it would be my cell phone and cable internet/tv providers.  I do not trust them to have a hand in telecommunication legislation.

I received a lengthy response from our newly elected senator, but am still being stonewalled by the other.  The one I haven’t heard back from happens to be a co-sponsor of the bill and I am not surprised by the lack of response.  I also don’t really agree with most of his stances on big or little issues.  In an effort to be better informed I did sign up for all email newsletters offered by my elected officials.  I realize I may need to seek other venues for particular information, but at least this way I’m being informed about what they think is important to their constituents.

The whole idea of activism is still somewhat new to me.  The first time I ever wrote a letter to my representation was around the time “Obamacare” was being introduced.  I obviously have some health issues and there were many positives in the healthcare bill for me and my family.  They’re still helping me out today and while the law is by no means perfect, I’m much better off now.  I still don’t understand most of the arguments against it because they seem to be based on misunderstandings.  It’s hard to argue with others when you can’t agree on the basic tenets of the issue.

The urge to participate all started when I began to approach 30.  I don’t know if that’s a magic number, I finally grew up, or I finally realized what was affecting me.  As a kid I remember certain men and women in different social circles who were very politically active.  It never quite made sense to me, and maybe it’s because my parents never seemed to take part.  I know see myself as someone who can make a difference even if I am just one voice.