Breo Ellipta approved

About a month ago I found an article saying the FDA was favorably looking at a new drug called Breo Ellipta.  It appears they’ve approved it so it’s just a matter of time before someone you know will be on it.  It is important to note this has not been approved for treating asthma.  The other big Asthma/COPD players are Advair and Symbicort.  I think Dulera has only been approved for Asthma.

The one big difference I noticed about Breo Ellipta is the once a day dosage, similar to Spiriva.  Most combo inhalers require twice a day doses and patients often have a hard time following doctor’s orders.  I still haven’t seen a picture of what Breo Ellipta looks like, but am guessing I’ll see a poster soon enough in a doctor’s office.