Netflix losing 2,000 titles

I’ve been a Netflix customer since 2004.  There have been some definite ups and downs over the years as they’ve screwed up contracts with copyright holders and tried to start ridiculous, new services.  It’s getting harder and harder to defend my like of them as the years go on.  I’m amazingly still able to find content to watch and there is actually a decent amount of children’s programming for Ada to watch.  Some friends of mine have switched to Amazon Prime, but I think the real issue at heart for most of them is the free 2-day shipping.  I don’t see myself dropping Netflix soon, but it’s hard to say.  It all depends on what I can watch.  In this upcoming loss of content, you’ll see titles missing from MGM, Warner Bros and Universal.  That could possibly mean no more The Big Lebowski and no more Parks and Rec.  Neither Ron Swanson nor The Dude would approve.

I did find a list of titles soon to disappear.  While this isn’t exactly the major break up from Starz, I’ve always said I like Netflix because it has hard to find titles that no one cares about.