Oh, you have asthma?

I was co-teaching a seminar the other day in a disgustingly dirty room.  It’s supposed to be the crown jewel of the business college, but I was almost afraid to touch anything.  The allergies and asthma almost immediately revved up and I knew the day might be a long one.  Later in the morning I took a puff off an inhaler from the back of the room and heard one of the attendees say, “…you have asthma?”  “Oh great,” I thought and braced myself for some friendly advice.

Me: Yeah

Lady: Do you have it bad?

Me: Somewhat bad

Lady: I have some breathing problems.  I technically don’t have asthma, but my allergies are bad enough it’s as if I do.  Do you have allergies as well?

Me: Yeah, pollen’s already getting bad this year.

Lady: So do you take medicine regularly?

Me: Yeah, I’m on 13 medications (waiting for that advice on how to be instantly healed)

Lady: I’m on a bunch of stuff too.  I had to have most of a lung removed…

Me: Oh wow! (my eyes probably got big here)

Lady:..there was a tumor and stuff.  Anyway, I feel fine most of the time but my kids always let me know when I’m working too hard.

Me: I know exactly what you mean.

Well that conversation went in an entirely different direction than I thought it would.  Sometimes my thinking is a bit too uptight when it comes to chats about my health.  I felt as though I met a kindred spirit that day.  Someone else with a bad lung who sits in the back row during presentations.