Are you at risk for an asthma attack?

A recent study in the UK surveyed more than 50,000 asthmatics asking them about risk factors and if they thought they were at risk for an attack.  As usual with many self-selecting surveys, 52% of the respondents thought they were at risk when 93% of them actually were.

Obviously these results apply to the US where I live as well, and I know at one point in time I was one of those pretending their asthma was under control.  While many of you don’t need to carry an inhaler, allergy medication, nebulizer and peak flow meter with them everywhere they go, it never hurts to have a current inhaler on hand.  I’ve actually had a few attacks in my life where I thought I could actually die, and no one likes getting ABG tests.  Stay safe guys.  Take your maintenance meds and carry an inhaler, please.