Acute flare-up day 68

Back in May I wrote about being on day 29 of an asthma flare-up.  I’m now 1/3 of the way through July and today marks day 68.  June was definitely the worst of it with two hospital visits, and by this Thursday I will have been on prednisone for 49 days, which I’m pretty sure is the longest stretch I’ve ever done.  I’m not completely confident I’ll be ok once I’m off of it, but we’ll see.  I’m still doing 3-4 nebuilzer treatments every day and having to take it easy.  Just walking outside from a building to a parking lot in 85 degrees with humidity still wears me out quickly.  The hardest part is still just pacing myself.

Friday I was able to attend the wedding of some friends.  They kept things simple and low key, which is different from many weddings I’ve attended.  People seemed less stressed.  There were a lot of Doctor Who references, some Game of Thrones references and a homemade crossword puzzle that our table knocked out in record time.  I wasn’t feeling too great afterward and spent the weekend taking it easy, but I was glad to get out and do something social.  I think the best part of the night was when I noticed a spider on my friend’s suit, which I promptly flicked-off.  The thing flew across to the other table and landed on/near a woman who seconds later was looking around wondering where that spider came from.

One thing I have been persistent on is riding my bike whenever possible.  Exercise is an important part of respiratory health and keeping the lungs in good working order.  Even if I’ve been lying around all day, 20-40min on my bike can make a huge difference.  Back in the day I used to go running all the time, I’m in no condition to actually do that right now but maybe I’ll work my way back to it.