Cheap contact lenses

A few years ago we found ourselves having to seriously tighten our financial belts and I found many ways to save money.  One of those was by purchasing my contact lenses online.  I checked around all the big sites and discovered was the cheapest way to go.  It’s way cheaper than 1-800-Contacts which everyone seems to think is cheapest online retailer.  I just ordered 8 boxes of Acuvue Oasys for $20/box.  If you’re a new wearer you can actually get them for $13.74/box after a mail-in rebate or, as a current user (me) I can get them for just under $17/box after rebate.  I know sometimes rebates turn into a nightmare, but I’ve never had any issue getting my money.  The worst that’s happened is one year I forgot to mail it in and once I remembered, I had waited too long.