Dollar Shave Club – Week 1

Last week I told you all about the Dollar Shave Club, and I must admit I was a little impressed.  I’m not entirely sure if that’s due to expectation levels vs experience or just because it’s a good product.  I wanted to come back after a week of shaving and let you all know how I’m feeling about it.

The 4X Razor

The Club’s four-blade razor has been working out well for me.  I’d say it works just as well as any other four-blade, with the exception that I’ve had zero problems with clogging.  I think this is probably the most common problem I’ve had in my years of shaving that can really lead to a bad shave experience.

My biggest concern with the razor is how it would perform shaving my head.  It’s done wonderfully well.  I decided to go for haircuts every three days.  So that equated to three shaves: last Saturday, Tuesday and Friday.  Essentially one swipe of the razor was all I needed to clear a swath of stubble.  My common mistake, because I’m cheap, is to continue using a razor well past its prime.  So while I didn’t think I needed to swap out the razor cartridge today, I did it anyway.

The Shave Butter

I’m so glad I decided to give the Club’s shaving cream solution.  At first using the translucent product was a little weird, but I quickly figured it out.  I’m used to using large amount of shaving cream that never quite does the job.  I’ve thought about trying out The 4X without the Shave Butter, but that just sounds silly.  If for some reason I quit using their razors, I think I’d still want to use the Shave Butter.

Other Thoughts

  • With all the razor cartridges I’m going to be going through, I wish there was a way to easily recycle them.
  • I miss having a holder thing to snap the razor into like what I have had with every other commercial razor I’ve bought.  If I happen to leave the razor lying blades-down on the counter after a shave, the lubricating strips will get stuck to the counter.

Since I discovered The Dollar Shave Club, I’ve found similar services on the web, although most of them exist not in the US.  I did come across a pseudo-subscription service that’s more high end called Harry’s.  They’re more about a brand/product than just providing a cheap shaving solution.  They offer high-end razor handles named after Winston Churchill and Harry Truman paired with German engineered razors.

If you’re interested in trying out the Dollar Shave Club, please consider using this link.  I’ll get a few bucks towards my next razor purchase.