Dollar Shave Club Weeks 2 and 3

In my first week of trying out the Dollar Shave Club I shaved my head every 3rd day and around my full beard every day.  I shaved off most of my beard into just a goatee for Week 2 and in Week 3 I waited five days before shaving.  I’m still experiencing great shaves with The 4X and have yet to see the blade cartridge become clogged.  My replacement cartridges should be arriving soon and I’m still a satisfied customer.  The Shave Butter continues to be a major bonus when maintaining my beard.  There’s just something awesome about being able to see exactly what I’m trimming and shaping on my face.  The six ounce tube should last me at least a couple more months.

The only other thoughts I have on the razor system is the release lever/button to release the razor cartridge isn’t always easy to engage, especially if my thumb is wet.  I like the cartridge being firmly attached, but last time I swapped them out I had to try three times before I detached the old one.