ER Trip #3: Part 3

Part 3: House Arrest

After that harrowing experience last night I luckily bounced back mostly ok due to the salumedrol, regularly scheduled treatments and all my inhaler puffing.  My hospitalist came by again in the morning, with news from my pulmonologist, giving me the option to stay or go home.  As much as I love lying in a high-tech bed having meals and drugs brought to me on a constant basis, I decided to leave.  Their one condition was I’m under “house arrest” and to do as little as possible.

As soon as Jeff, same guy from previous day working another shift, was informed of my discharge he asked for some basic information in case the “customer satisfaction” people needed to contact me about my stay.  I gave him my phone number and Jeff went to find a wheelchair ride for me.  Just as we were about to go one of those customer liaison folks showed up asking me how my stay had been.  Liz and I briefly described the “Josh situation” and praised every other employee we encountered.

So here I am, at home, feeling awful, but awful in my own house.  I didn’t realize how much I wasn’t doing until I came home.  I just need to get up to grab a snack, refill my water, put a DVD into the player or retrieve something in the house.  They weren’t kidding about pretending like I’m still in the hospital.  This is my 5th round of anti-biotics for the summer and who knows how many prednisone tapers.  I’d really like to just kick the sickness for a month and take a break.  In order to do that I’m really going to have to pretend like I’m still lying in that fancy bed.

The good news is that my lungs performed in the hospital the exact same as when I’m at home managing my chronic lung disease on my own.  I was still needing 7-9 breathing treatments a day, my peakflow numbers were still low, my oxygen saturation behaved similarly and this was all under the care of professionals and being given supplemental oxygen.  As usual I get the feeling no one really knows what is going on other than my asthma is really bad again.  I have some follow up visits scheduled with the doctors and I hope I actually show some progress between now and then.  I also found out people are testing positive for Mono at work and others have had colds lingering on for weeks.  There’s no way I’m going back to work to just get sick again – especially if I’m not well.  I went ahead and emailed one of the SARP sites for more information with the hopes of applying.  I think something like this could be awesome for me and very interesting as well as informative.  For now I need to just stop moving around so much and try to get better.