Sons of Anarchy: Season 3

WARNING!! This contains spoilers…

At the end of Season 2 Half Sack is killed while trying to prevent the Irish from kidnapping Abel and Gemma has been setup by Agent Stahl.  If you think things really heated up between Seasons 1 and 2, just wait until you watch Season 3.

This season can really be broken into two halves.  One part takes place in Charming and the other in Ireland.  I’d say there’s probably equal amount of excitement taking place in both locations as the older Hale takes a stronger hand at his conniving politics after his brother’s, Deputy Hale, tragic death in a drive-by shooting.  There is friction between between the Sons and other gangs as usual and the DEA, led by Agent Stahl, is still trying to take the down the club.  In Ireland the Sons are trying to track down Abel, Jax’s son, and end up discovering a whole other mess of corruption and deceit among their Irish brothers and the IRA.

One notable performance to point out is Hal Holbrook as Nate Madock, Gemma’s father.  We see him in a few episodes towards the beginning of the season as Gemma’s mother is dead and she’s checking in on him to make sure he’s OK.  His mind is going he mistakes Tig as an intruder during Gemma’s visit.

After most of the Sons decide to skip bail and head across the pond there’s a noticeable change in the theme music.  On one hand this is nice to signify the location change, but I really prefer the original arrangement.  SAMCRO teams up with their counterparts in Ireland who happen to include one of the Original 9.  They seem to hit roadblocks in every direction though trying to find out where Abel is and who has him.

Back in the states the Sons have worked out their differences with the Mayans and team up to stop a rogue Mayan patchover who is single-handedly attempting to take down both clubs.  At one point he even kidnaps Tara in an attempt to turn the Sons against the Mayans.  Cooler heads prevail and all ends well…mostly well.

If you already disliked Agent Stahl you’re really going to hate her in Season 3.  She’s about as bad as dirty cops can be as she manipulates both business and personal relationships to her advantage.  She forces Jax to make a deal with her and then rats him out to the club in the end.  We all know what happens to snitches, but you’ll have to watch to get the details.  I can’t give everything away here.

While in Ireland we discover some important background history about Jax, Gemma and John Teller.  In some ways it almost plays out like a soap opera.  History really seems to be repeating itself as Jax is becoming his father and Tara slowly begins to be the new Gemma.  This will be much more apparent after Season 4.

Piney is still my favorite character as he stands on the sidelines and offers words of wisdom when necessary.  It’s interesting to see Jax and Opie really come into their own as the young blood in the club.  We get a few more prospects and Happy continues to be…well, happy.  If you have yet to watch Season 4, be prepared for the Sons to come home and start focusing on their domestic troubles again.  There’s never a dull moment.