Dollar Shave Club update

Hey bearded, or not-so-bearded, friends!  Last summer I came across the Dollar Shave Club, loved it and started spreading the word to all my friends.  In some previous posts I talking about the razor service and my experience the first few weeks using the new razors.  It’s been about 7 months since then and I thought I should let you know how that’s been going.

  • Still loving new razors appearing in my mail box
  • I dropped back to the every 2 month delivery vs the monthly delivery
  • One tube of shave butter lasted me almost 6 months
  • Dollar Shave Club is currently partnering with the Colon Cancer Alliance to help bring awareness to colorectal cancer

I’m not sure why I love getting stuff in the mail and it probably explains why I love so much.  I often find myself awake and remembering the need to purchase things after 10pm which is also when most businesses are closed.  Being able to hop online, place an order and it appears in a few days is awesome.

While the Dollar Shave Club encourages you to grab a new blade each week for optimal use, I really don’t like shaving.  In fact, I recently had a 4″ beard due to not shaving which covered almost all the beard growing surface on my face.  I currently have two packs of razors waiting to be opened which is four months worth of razors, but I’m ok with stocking up.  I also shave my head and occasionally I’ll have a blade that’s just not working and I’ll need to immediately swap it for a new one.

The Shave Butter continues to be one of the best or the best shaving gel/cream I’ve ever used.  I’m not sure how I could go back to shaving cream and not be able to see exactly what I’m doing.  The translucent nature of the shave butter really helps shaping your beard into exactly what you want it to be.  I think at the moment you have to buy razors to be able to buy the Shave Butter.  If you could just buy it by itself, that could open up another whole market.  Similar to if HBO would just sell me their services instead of me having to buy cable TV service through Comcast in order to add on HBO.

Lastly, The Dollar Shave Club is trying to raise awareness about colorectal cancer.  If you didn’t know, it’s colorectal cancer awareness month.  This is one of the most preventable types of cancer people can get so awareness can literally mean the difference between life and death for folks.