2014 is supposed to be another bad one

Remember last year when they said it would be a bad year for allergies in 2013?  Well apparently it’s going to be bad again this year.  Part of me wants to worry and part of me wants to be all laissez faire about it.  The good news is I’ve had some time to recover from last Spring, Summer, and Fall.  I have by no means rebounded back to normal, but my symptoms are relatively under control, I haven’t been to the hospital in over five months, and I’m not needing eight nebulizer treatments a day.  The real question is what can we (the royal) do about it?  Here’s my plan of action:

  • Continue rinsing my sinuses on a daily basis.  One of my lung docs has told me to do it twice today.  This is an easy way to clear your sinuses without taking meds if that’s important to you.
  • Exercise as much as possible.  I’m back to doing something almost every day.  That can be riding my bike, taking a walk, lifting some weights, etc.  Even if walking to the mailbox is all I can do, at least I wasn’t lying down all day.  As soon as you stop being active, it takes a lot of work to re-activate yourself.
  • Stay on top of things.  Historically I have a penchant for just waiting to see what happens.  I can’t just hope I’ll get better or wait just one more day anymore.  Unless I want to start visiting the hospital again on a semi-regular basis, I have to more actively respond to and plan for what’s happening with my health.