Beard combs

I’m one of those lucky, but sometimes unfortunate, guys who can grow facial hair.  I have horrible allergies and have a hard time breathing most days, but the beard thing is not a struggle.  I’m a low maintenance kind of person, and don’t like having to do things like mess with my hair in the morning, so in the past I’ve rarely done anything to ensure my beard looks good.  I’ve decided to turn over a new leaf.

Last week I got myself some decent combs to help with my beard.  The standard, cheap combs can actually mess up your hair and often generate a lot of static for me.  I went with Kent and so far have been loving them.

The first is one of their smaller combs labeled as a “beard comb.”  I didn’t realize how small it was until I actually got it.  I’d call it a mustache comb because unless your beard stays around 1/4″ or so, I’m not sure how this works for your beard.


Their medium-size, pocket comb is pretty solid.  It’s about 4.5″ long with half of it for fine hair and the other half for coarse hair.

Like most people I have a weird spot in my beard that is kind of like a cowlick on my face.  The direction of my beard goes in opposite directions and this is where it comes together, kind of like an inverted part.  If I just trim it down, I have an obvious short spot when it gets longer.  If I leave it as-is, there’s this weird, long section.  For now I’m coming it every day to get the tangles out and to try and encourage my weird spot to chill out.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’ve also ordered some beard oil to give a try.