Beard oil

I’ve been growing beards since I was 18, but now that I’m in my 30s I’m more interested in easy management tools so I’m not finding myself in the situation where I’m sick and tired of something I could have fixed weeks ago, but now just want to cut it off.  I really dislike shaving and am one of those guys who can have a nice looking full-beard in 3 weeks.  If I’m too lazy I soon have something I have to deal with for better or worse.

Towards the end of the calendar winter, cause we all know winter has just been lasting and lasting, I had a solid, four-inch beard all around.  Mine ends up being curly so combing it out makes it seem actually longer, and I also have one spot that grows a little faster than everything else.  My problem is trying to manage the sideburns so I don’t look like Bozo the clown.  Every once in a while I try to trim down the sides but usually end up messing it up and having to cut the whole thing off.

Earlier this month I got myself a new beard trimmer, my old and crappy one had surpassed 10 years, and some beard combs by Kent.  I also started looking around on the internets for tips and advice on what to do which led me to Beardbrand and The Beard Baron.  They both sell similar products, have decent marketing and web presence, and both create great videos for information and tutorial purposes.  The Beard Baron just happened to have a video specifically for managing your sideburns.

So I’ve been combing out my beard every day for a while now and it’s been making a huge difference for me.  In the past I’ve noticed when trimming down my beard there can be an odd abundance of oil on my face.  That was basically coming from the cut hairs.  Combing my beard out helps to evenly disperse some of that, it gets rid of tangles, and has been helping the cowlick in my beard to really chill out.  I basically have hair growing in two directions which meet in one part of my face creating an inverted part or mini-fauxhawk.

This week I started using some beard oil I purchased from Beardbrand.  I went with the unscented stuff because I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about my face smelling minty, spicy, or like a forest.  There can also be issues with allergies and some of my respiratory stuff breathing in certain scents.  The stuff is really easy to use and there is a stopper/restricting piece in the top of the bottle so the oil cannot pour out.  I dab a couple drops on my fingers, run them through my beard, and comb it in.  Afterwards I can’t even tell oil had been on my hands.

My first observation was the color of my beard really popped the other morning.  I have an almost tri-colored beard depending on the day, sunlight, and length.  Throughout the day the color became less vibrant, but I think part of that is because this is oil, not water, so it oxidized.  The texture of my beard seems softer and more manageable.  It’s hard to really have a good opinion after only a few days, but I’d say I’m enjoying this easy way to hep manage my face hair.