May is Asthma Awareness Month

The month of May is Asthma Awareness month, and with an estimated 25 million in the US and closer to 250 million worldwide suffering from asthma, there’s a good chance you know someone with the disease.  Contrary to popular myth, asthma is not curable nor is it something you can grow out of.  For some it is hereditary and for others it can be more of an environmental problem.  With so many people suffering from this respiratory condition, there is also a wide range of symptoms and severity meaning what you consider to be “asthma” may be very different for someone else.  As with other things, it’s good to be aware of what you’re doing that may be positively or negatively affecting others with this condition.  If you’re interested in learning more, here are a few links that may be of interest.

A couple of my online friends are also taking questions for a recorded Google Hangout if there is something specific you’re hoping to know about asthma and how it affects those you know.  Leave a comment on Breathin Stephin’s post to ask a question for their discussion.