Asthma equals exhaustion

Asthma attacks can be rough.  Chronic asthma can be even worse.

I’ve been officially diagnosed with asthma for about 23 years.  I have a family history of severe asthma and severe allergies.  I’ve been prescribed maintenance medications for the past 22 years and have pretty much taken every single steroid and combination-steroid inhaler at some point in time.  I pretty much take all the types of medications that are offered for asthma and have been taking prednisone solid for the past 15 months.  Just making sure I take my medications on time and log my daily symptoms feel like a part-time job.

I work full-time, I attempt to help take care of our two small children, and I’m working on grad school.  Amongst all that I have trouble sleeping on a regular schedule combined with weekly exacerbations/flare-ups, and every day I hit a wall of tiredness where my body declares, “NO MORE,” whenever it pleases.  It’s hard to make plans because I often have to cancel them.  I also have to be careful where I go so as not to encounter anything that could set me off on the chance I’m having an OK day and have decided to be adventurous.  I can’t go to friend’s houses with cats, I must avoid all types of smoke, I can’t be around mold, places with water damage are usually a bad idea, dusty is usually a bad thing, and during non-winter months there is always something in the air that can make me cough or sneeze and my eyes water…leading to it being harder to breathe.  I also have to be really careful about getting sick because common colds are like bronchitis, bronchitis is like pneumonia and actually getting pneumonia is a Go-To-Jail-Don’t-Pass-Go sort of situation for me.  And by jail I mean the hospital.

Luckily I love watching movies.  That’s a great activity for someone like myself.  I also like to cook things I find delicious, and grow beards.  I just wish sometimes I could wake up in the morning without spending 30 min taking medicine trying to feel not-too-awful to start my day.  I wish I could spend an entire day at work not trying to figure out when I have time to take my meds or need to take my meds.  I wish I could come home after work and actually accomplish some things instead of needing to rest up so I can get out of bed the next day.  I just wish I wasn’t tired all of the time.

  • jules marsh

    I totally agree. Asthma is exhausting! I’m currently in hospital with pneumonia. Have been on a ventilator and CPAP and had my lungs collapse. Hope you are doing a lot better than I am right now!

    • The “p” word?!?!!! Dude! I hope you can get out of there sooner than later.

      • jules marsh

        Hey thanks, me too. Been in almost a week now. Finally out of intensive care but still feeling awful. Hope you’re asthma gives you a bit of a break soon.

        • Feeling any better? Any word on when you can go home?

          • jules marsh

            I’m feeling a little better thanks. Still needing oxygen but not struggling to breathe as much as I waa. Just really weak. Hoping to get released Monday or Tuesday. How are you doing?

          • I’m doing alright. Trying to stay active, but not too active. I type this while lying on the couch, watching TV, and drinking a Mt Dew.

          • jules marsh

            Sounds like a good way to spend a Saturday afternoon. What’s the weather like over there? It’s been really hot here in the UK. Humidity hasn’t helped my lungs much!

          • It has been an unseasonably cool summer here, but the humidity is still bad at times in the 80-90% range. Makes it hard to breathe for me as well. I spend a lot of time indoors not getting a tan.