Trying to out-Jedi the asthma

Last summer one of my problems with recovery included me trying to jump right back into my normal routine as soon as I could handle not being in bed all day.  While this may sound like a not smart thing to be doing, it made sense at the time because I was concerned about using up all my earned time too quickly and running out before the fiscal year was over.  This strategy caused me to use all my sick time, vacation time, FMLA time, and even had to miss a few additional days.  This summer I’m trying to channel Obi-Wan Kenobi and outsmart the chronic lung disease.

A couple weekends ago I piggybacked two ER visits and the doctors told me to stay home that following week of work.  I’ll be honest – that week was not a good one as I had several serious situations that could have easily landed me back at the hospital.  I showed up to work the next Monday, after staying home for a week, and made it through one day.  I seriously over-did things, watched my peakflow numbers drop to unnecessary levels and stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday rolled around and I had an important decision to make.  I could go back in for another day before the holiday weekend, or not be an idiot and just stay home.

I’m proud to say I chose the latter and actually gave myself some time to rest.  Yeah, I used up three sick days, but I can say with some confidence I probably avoided another week at home later this month.  I don’t know why it can be so hard to just be still and take it easy.  Fortunately I have The Dude to keep me company.


  • MrsKrause

    Use the Force! and the sick leave. That’s what it’s there for.

    • Thanks MrsK! Wish I was gonna be chilling in L-ville with you and MrK this weekend.

  • jules marsh

    I agree with MrsKrause! Although we sound scarily similar. I’m pushing myself to keep working this week, even though I know deep down its probably gonna land me back in the hospital! Hope you’re doing better after doing the smart thing!

    • Sounds like you need a LizBR to tell you when you’re making less than awesome asthma choices. Take it easy, dude.

      • jules marsh

        Yeah reckon I do! I have a couple of good work friends who are good at telling me when I’m not doing so great. I say I’m fine, they tell me I’m not! Usually they’re right! How are you doing now?

        • Slowly getting better. Was around some smoke over the weekend that didn’t help anything. I think “fine” is my favorite answer to “how are you doing?”

          • jules marsh

            Yep mine too! Most people who know me, know that means I feel shite and just want to be left alone and not nagged at!!

  • Jorge Eduardo Alcalá

    You’re not blowing !!!


    I know the asthma contraviens a number of the league’s by-laws… and even though I don’t see you as a heero.. ’cause, what’s a heero? I certainly consider you a man that achieved on a level field of play.

    Abide, man. Get well soon and receive my best wishes.