Purple Mattress

So we’ve been looking, thinking, and searching for a new mattress. The one we got almost 5 years ago has two valleys in it from where we sleep, kind of like a Home Simpson ass groove.

Unfortunately, we don’t like those grooves as much as Homer does because it’s been hurting to get up every morning. Beds are a difficult thing to purchase without remorse. Many boast 5 to 25 year warranties with 121 caveats when it comes time to get your mattress repaired or replaced. It’s also easy to spend thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful.

I decided to take a gamble on a Purple Mattress. A big selling point for me was the 100 day trial period with a full money back guarantee. Usually you’re offered 30 or 45 days to change your mind, and that doesn’t always come with a full refund.

So far we’ve been sleeping on it for a week and are enjoying it. The only annoying thing at this point is the mattress protector I bought is baggy. It’s made for mattress 8″ to 22″ and the Purple Mattress is 9.5″. We’re looking for one made for not-deep mattresses to have less extra fabric.