May is Asthma Awareness Month

May is asthma awareness month. My sister likes to celebrate her birthday for an entire month, so I’ve been trying to share all month about asthma on facebook, twitter, and instagram.

My month has been ok. My little dude ended up in the ER with bronchiolitis again. As time goes on, his breathing resembles mine more and more. Fortunately it’s very episodic for him and only flares up every few months. A few duonebs, some pulmicort, and prednisone fixed him up. It’s interesting to watch him expend as much energy as possible all the time. Even when he’s having trouble breathing, he’ll move and move and move until he ends up lying on the floor.

Speaking of “lying on the floor,” I had a “moment” myself a few days ago. I wasn’t feeling too great and was lying down while the kids watched a movie. The little dude was pretty active, like a spider monkey, as usual. He was kind of climbing on me, and before I knew it, he was jumping on my chest. That triggered some major coughing and wheezing which ended in me crawling towards my medicine, getting too worn out, and lying on the floor for a long time. I was eventually able to get to my meds and noticed my oxygen was 85%. In the moment, these sorts of incidents don’t seem like a huge deal. Afterward, they do seem a bit more serious. I know I’d be exponentially more concerned if I witnessed this happening to someone else.

A couple nebs, magnesium, allergy meds, five hours on CPAP, and some more albuterol had me mostly ok in 24hrs. I should have used an epipen or gotten help. That’s easy to now, but in the moment all i can think about is, “I don’t want to go to the hospital.”

At the moment I’m outside of Pittsburgh and will be visiting my other lung doctor at UPMC tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to see where my PFTs are at and things have changed or stayed the same. A year ago I found out I have idiopathic restrictive lung disease on top of everything else. It’d be really cool if things were better.

Am I the only one that has to pack three times as much medical stuff than clothes on trips? I feel a bit ridiculous sometimes, but I assure you it’s all necessary.

  • wannabreathe

    So sorry about your summer of hell. Thank you for Blogging about it. I don’t feel so all alone. Your an excellent writer. I live in central Pa. (country). It’s been really hard to find some info. I have Copd and was admitted to the Hospital the first week of June.2016. My pulmonary Dr. gave me an inhaler and that was it. I found a pulmonary rehab with a different hospital Penn Highlands. They taught me how to breathe and showed me how to use a pulse ox. Any other info I had to find on the internet. Thanks for the info, I did not know that O2 below 93 wasn’t good. I am also like you. I tried to tough it out. Good luck and take care.
    Oh and I need a better pulmonary Dr. any recommendations?

    • Sorry to hear you’re having trouble breathing too. I drive to Pittsburgh every so often and see doctors at the Comprehensive Lung Center at UPMC Presbyterian. I don’t know if that’s a feasible trip from where you’re located, but they are awesome there.