Fall Update

It’s almost October, the corn is drying out, the temps are cooling, and so far I’ve stayed out of the hospital. I haven’t felt like writing much this past year. I’m kind of in a holding pattern until I see my lung doc at UPMC and talk more about the lung biopsies she and my local lung doc are pushing for. It’s been a lot of the same. Allergies are bad, the weather affects me, and I feel awful when I get sick. So far I’ve been able to keep things somewhat under control with antibiotics and steroids here and there.

I am so thankful to have my oxygen. Sometimes when I’m in a doctor office i’m in the low 90s, and other times in the high 90s. My oxygen saturation only really drops when I’m active so it’s wonderful not having to try and prove that to doctors anymore.

In my lifelong quest to live in a bubble, I’ve started lifting weights at home in my garage. Going to gyms or pulmonary rehab the past few years has been problematic for me because I was always getting sick from the other people there. Last month I found a couple bars and olympic plates on craigslist. I later acquired an FID bench and some independent bench stands to round out the mini-gym. I know any sort of upper body strength I can regain is just going to help me breathe easier.