Onebadlung.com is in its second iteration as a way for me to share and document some of my struggles of chronic allergies and asthma for 20+ years.  While perceptions and understanding about asthma have improved and evolved over time, it’s still an invisible and sometimes debilitating condition not many understand.  It can be hard enough trying to explain your condition and limitations to friends, family, and work let alone doctors and health care providers.  The best advice I can give is:

  • Read and research as much as you can about your condition
  • Ask questions
  • Find others like yourself for support and discussion
  • Document as much as possible – if there’s one thing doctors love it’s data
  • Know your limits
  • Have a plan of action when necessary

If you are a fellow sufferer of allergies or lung disease I completely sympathize, empathize, and wish you the best of luck with maintenance and treatment.