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Ron Swanson on vegan bacon

Do you really have to wonder what Ron would say?

Tribute to Ron Swanson

It really warms my heart to see others appreciating the character of Ron Swanson as much as I do.  The other day my buddy Lofton, no – the younger Lofton, posted this link from

It’s pretty amazing.  I especially like the image gallery, the GIF of Ron dancing, and the NBC video of Ron Swanson and the foods he loves.

Ron Swanson vs. Food

You had me at meat tornado.

Nick Offerman builds a boat

“Who the heck is Nick Offerman,” you ask?  Well that’s the dude who plays Ron Swanson.  Apparently he has workshop skills.  Check out this boat he’s making.

I guess Nick Offerman is just as manly as Ron Swanson in real life.

Ron Swanson: God Bless America

Liz found this for me on tumblr today.  God Bless America!

Here’s where she found it –

Mall Cops: Mall of America

If any of you watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop, or Observe and Report and found it a little over the top and are looking for a little realism you should definitely check out TLC’s show about the security force protecting shoppers at the largest mall in America.

While the show was mildly interesting and at times funny, it in no way belittles what these men and women are doing every day in Minnesota.  While I do admittedly mock some of the security guards I see at local malls and shopping centers, the Mall of America is no laughing matter.  That place is like a small city and definitely needs a security force.  In face, they are more like an actual police force and spend every day trying to keep everyone safe.

Overall I enjoyed the show, but really wished they took the time to actually tell someone’s story.  You’d often have an incident of someone shoplifting, a medical emergency, or a lost child and they never really took the time to dig into the background of the situation.  I guess they were modeling the format after Cops, and even though I loved that show (and the theme song) back in 5th grade, it doesn’t really do much to hold my attention in the year 2011.  I wish they had done something similar to Carrier, the reality TV show centered on life aboard a US Navy carrier.  In the same way the Mall of America is a small city, carriers are floating cities and both have a plethora of drama, comedy, tension and interesting stories to explore.  I imagine part of the problem is getting releases and mall patrons actually wanting to divulge information.  I would assume this wasn’t a problem with the mall security staff though since they were being followed around during their shifts and were actually “on” the show.

I watched the whole first season of Mall Cops on Netflix yesterday.  Each episode was in the 25-30 minute range.  Maybe the lack of time is why they never really explored things.  I’d totally watch more episodes, but don’t think I’d last more than another season if they didn’t change the format a bit.

Ron Swanson Ice Cream

A wise man once said, “If you will it, it is no dream.”  I wonder if that will make Ben & Jerry’s Ron Swanson Ice Cream be created…I guess time will tell.

Ben & Jerry's All of the Bacon & Eggs You Have

The many faces of Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson has just as many expressions as the next guy.  Can you identify them all?

Ron Swanson dancing

Parks and Rec is one of the best thing to happen to NBC’s Thursday night line-up in a while.  It has definitely gotten better with age, and one of my favorite characters is Ron Swanson.  Tonight he had a little too much snake juice.  Here are the results.

Here’s where you can download your own copy and other extras from the show –