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Asthma Intervention

I’ve watched nine seasons of A&E’s Emmy award winning show Intervention.  I know I’m no expert, but I’ve learned a lot about controlled substances and how you’re supposed to interact with addicts.  If I were to personify my lung disease and participate in an intervention for its downward spiraling life choices, the first episode that comes to mind is Allison** who huffed compressed air.





Dear Asthma,

I’m here today because I love you and care about you.  The happiest day of my life was when my doctor diagnosed me with lung disease and prescribed some inhalers.  I felt almost instant relief and had an excuse to why I constantly felt like crap and why people thought I was always in a bad mood.  You gave me an immense amount of trouble all through high school, but we made amends and had a good run during college.  Seven years ago your bad choices came back and started severely limiting my quality of life.  This is why I want you to accept this wonderful gift we have to offer you today.

Asthma, your addiction has affected me in the following ways:

Towlie Getting High on Computer Duster

  • Every time I make fun of someone on TV or in a movie who is only bench pressing 95-115lbs, you remind me I haven’t been to the gym in a year.
  • If I laugh too hard at something hilarious, you give me a coughing fit.  Stoicism is harder than it looks.
  • I used to love blowing stuff up.  Remember that one winter we buried all those firecrackers in snowbanks and watched them soar?  You’ve made me so reactive to any smoke I can’t even attend a bonfire or stand next to a cookout most days.
  • You ruin vacations and holidays.  Last year you made me so sick at a film festival they gave me an award for hardest traveled.
  • I spend 25% of my net pay on you for doctors, treatments and prescription drugs.  That doesn’t even account for all the Mt Dew and Dr Pepper.
  • I carry a bag full of medicine everywhere I go and my friends call it a man-purse behind my back.
  • At night you give me sharp pains in my left lung and make it hard to breathe.  I often stay up all night watching Netflix.  You had my sleep patterns so messed up in 2010, I completed a 28 movie marathon in less than two days.
  • And I’m not even able to regularly post on my blog every week!

What happened Asthma?  You used to be cool.  Yeah you held me back a bit, but the medicine always kept me going.  I care about you, Asthma.  This is why we’re providing you an opportunity to…

Asthma bolts for the door while the moderator sends the film crew to chase it into the hotel parking lot.  We should have seen this coming.

**Cause we all know Asthma would mimic the Mad Hatter

Netflix losing 2,000 titles

I’ve been a Netflix customer since 2004.  There have been some definite ups and downs over the years as they’ve screwed up contracts with copyright holders and tried to start ridiculous, new services.  It’s getting harder and harder to defend my like of them as the years go on.  I’m amazingly still able to find content to watch and there is actually a decent amount of children’s programming for Ada to watch.  Some friends of mine have switched to Amazon Prime, but I think the real issue at heart for most of them is the free 2-day shipping.  I don’t see myself dropping Netflix soon, but it’s hard to say.  It all depends on what I can watch.  In this upcoming loss of content, you’ll see titles missing from MGM, Warner Bros and Universal.  That could possibly mean no more The Big Lebowski and no more Parks and Rec.  Neither Ron Swanson nor The Dude would approve.

I did find a list of titles soon to disappear.  While this isn’t exactly the major break up from Starz, I’ve always said I like Netflix because it has hard to find titles that no one cares about.

My daughter gave me a Netflix recommendation

I’m one of those guys who watches a LOT of movies and TV shows.  Often times friends will tell me they don’t know what to watch and after twenty questions to find out what kind of movie/show they’re looking for, I’ll have some recommendations for them.  I never thought my three year old kid would be doing that for me.

Last November we were traveling in New England for a wedding and while hanging out in a hotel room we turned on the TV.  Chuck wanted “a show” and the first thing I tried was Cartoon Network.  There was a weird, animated show about a kid and a dog/animal thing that was funny/snarky and remotely reminded me of Dungeons and Dragons.  At the time I thought the content was probably too advanced for her both from an intellectual and maturity standpoint, but she loved it and we let her watch anyway.  I didn’t really think much about it until Chuck recognized the characters, a few weeks ago, on a Netflix recommendation screen and begged to watch it.  We turned it on and it wasn’t too bad.  I barely paid attention while reading email or Facebook on the couch.  At some point over the next week I actually paid attention to an episode and realized how good it was.  And then it happened…

The Funniest Moments of Adventure Time

My wife caught me watching Adventure Time by myself one night after Chuck had gone to bed.  I did find one video on YouTube explaining the show is popular with adults due to nostalgia…and that makes sense.  Eventually I mentioned it to a friend at work who would be aware of this kind of stuff and discovered I’m not the only father who loves the show.  With the amount of pop culture we’re exposing our child to, I can’t imagine what sort of recommendations she’ll be able to give in ten years.  I’m gonna have to call this a proud parent moment.

Sons of Anarchy: Season 1

WARNING!! This contains spoilers…

While having a chronic lung disease is mostly bad, the silver lining is I often stay awake for days at a time where I am able to watch hour upon hour of TV and movies.  I’m not always completely paying attention to whatever I’m streaming via Netflix, but Sons of Anarchy definitely caught my eye.  It has great music, good acting, character development and left me wanting to watch just one more episode.

Sons of Anarchy Season One is about a motorcycle gang in Charming, CA fulfilling the role of modern day outlaws.  While illegally selling firearms and fighting with rival gangs and motorcycle clubs, SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original) also does a lot for the community.  The founders of the club worked out a deal with the local law enforcement allowing these motorcycle enthusiasts to basically do whatever they want as long as drugs are kept out of Charming.  It has the makings of an Italian mafia thing but with a Californian twist.

Clay Morrow, played by Ron Perlman (Hellboy), is the current president and one of the original nine members.  He and his friends founded the club after returning home from the Vietnam war.  Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam (Nicholas Nickleby and Undeclared), is the current vice president and step-son of Clay.  Jax’s deceased, biological father was the club’s previous president.  Gemma Teller, played by Katey Sagal (Married with Children and Futurama), is Jax’s mother and Clay’s wife.  Jax has a new baby to take care of because his junkie ex-wife Wendy Teller, played by Drea de Matteo (Sopranos), is at rehab trying to turn her life around.  Tara Knowles, played by Maggie Siff (Mad Men), is Jax’s highschool sweetheart and has just returned to her hometown to work at the local hospital.  Opie, played by Ryan Hurst (Remember the Titans and Saving Private Ryan), is Jax’s best friend and son of Piney, one of the original nine members.  On top of all the soap opera drama we see SAMCRO selling guns, avoiding the ATF, involved with the IRA and clashing against rival motorcycle clubs.  There is plenty to keep you interested.

I’ve mentioned gangs and rival clubs – they’re pretty much the same thing.  In season one we meet:


  • The Mayans – this Latino gang blows up SAMCRO’s gun factory in an effort to disrupt its gun business


  • One-Niners – this African American gang is SAMCRO’s biggest gun customer


  • Nordics/Nords – this white supremacist group is led by Ernest Darby, played by Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files), and they are constantly looking for a way to bring drugs into Charming

Everything has been going fairly well for SAMCRO and Jax is being groomed to one day take over as president of the club.  History seems to be repeating itself as Jax starts reading his father’s old diaries and begins to discover what really happened in the early days of the Sons.  This diary is making Jax question who he is, what he stands for and why SAMCRO does the things it does.

If you enjoy mildly realistic crime dramas with decent character development and exciting twists, you should probably give Sons of Anarchy a try.  As always I suggest watching three episodes before making a decision to continue.  Parts of this show remind me of HBO’s Oz.  I think it’s because of the different gangs always at odds with each other and making deals to try and destroy their enemies.

Sons of Anarchy


Sons of Anarchy is a show that’s had a lot of ups and downs for me.  On one hand it’s one of the best modern American-outlaw shows I’ve seen.  It’s hard to argue with the thrill and cool-factor associated with the motorcycle gangs, tattoos, leather and guns.  When I first saw Eastern Promises (2007), starring Viggo Mortensen, I must admit I was a little mystified by the whole Russian prison/gang tattoo thing.  Some of that exists in this show with their tattoos, patches and pins, but I still haven’t figured out what they all mean.

I’ve never been a soap opera person, but I must admit I was really getting into the storylines and plot twists.  After my two favorite characters had been killed off in seasons four and five, I threw in the towel.  I called it quits and said, “no more.”  Well, it’s been a few months and I decided I had cooled down a bit.  The sixth season is going to start this fall and I decided I needed to get over it and watch season five.  The rest of the episodes turned out to be not so bad.  I know this is by no means reality and the story that unfolds is often ludicrous, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to watch.  In a build-up to my thoughts on season five, I’m going to re-post some thoughts on seasons one through four back in the day.

Nick Offerman Mustache Comb

Remember that video I posted a while back of Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) building a boat?  Well it turns out Offerman has a wood shop where he builds and sells different things.  Today my attention was brought to the existence of his limited edition mustache comb.

While I’m sure the quality is superb and it combs really well…I’m not willing to pay $75.  You can have initials burned in for an extra $25 for a grand total of $100 aka a Benjamin.

Ron Swanson on vegan bacon

Do you really have to wonder what Ron would say?

Tribute to Ron Swanson

It really warms my heart to see others appreciating the character of Ron Swanson as much as I do.  The other day my buddy Lofton, no – the younger Lofton, posted this link from

It’s pretty amazing.  I especially like the image gallery, the GIF of Ron dancing, and the NBC video of Ron Swanson and the foods he loves.

Ron Swanson vs. Food

You had me at meat tornado.

Nick Offerman builds a boat

“Who the heck is Nick Offerman,” you ask?  Well that’s the dude who plays Ron Swanson.  Apparently he has workshop skills.  Check out this boat he’s making.

I guess Nick Offerman is just as manly as Ron Swanson in real life.

Ron Swanson: God Bless America

Liz found this for me on tumblr today.  God Bless America!

Here’s where she found it –