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Orlando, Florida’s Caribe Royale

In both 2013 and 2014 I stayed at the Caribe Royale in Orlando, Florida while attending work-related conferences and have resolved to never stay there again.  To paraphrase a friend who works at a different hotel in the area,

Caribe Royale is a smoker’s paradise

The great state of Florida apparently doesn’t have one of those handy laws requiring people to smoke x feet away from building entrances.  The Caribe Royale has a large main building containing the front desk, restaurants and other facilities with residential towers behind that surround a large, common pool area.  Further behind are more towers containing suites and their conference facilities.

  • Next to every entrance/exit are trash cans with cigarette receptacles
  • These same trash cans exist inside as well as outside
  • Hotel guests seem to think they can smoke inside buildings and place their tobacco products in the same receptacles
  • Allowing people to smoke next to entrances means the smoke is sucked inside to lobbies every time a door opens
  • This also results in the elevators smelling like smoke
  • My floor in the hotel smelled like smoke

I’m ok with designated smoking areas, but the Caribe Royale effectively allows people to smoke everywhere.  There is no NO SMOKING area for me to safely retreat.  Of course this doesn’t seem so bad unless you’re someone like me whose life can depend on avoiding this airway irritant.  One night the smoke was so bad it ended up taking me out for the evening and I missed half a day of my conference.  This year I went to Florida feeling great and ended up wheezing with rales for five days.  if I wasn’t already prednisone-dependent with the ability to adjust my own dosage as needed, I probably would have needed to seek emergency care.  I complained last year and again this year.  They are “sorry,” but sorry doesn’t help me breathe.  I won’t ever be staying at the Caribe Royale again, nor attending this conference unless they change venues.